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Roofing is best attended by experienced professionals, in most roofing jobs need to be carried by the experts in the roofing business.



Are you looking for high-quality rain gutters at affordable prices? Our rain gutters are custom made to suit your specific needs



In need of a siding installation? Did you know that siding provides several benefits to any property? There is a variety of siding materials such as vinyl, wood, metal, stucco, fiber cement, and others.


Flat Roof

If you’re looking for flat roof installation services, look no further than SPG Home Services INC, our professional roofers specialize in offering flat roof installation.


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Residential & Commercial Home Improvement Contractor

Welcome to SPG Home Services INC, we’re a national leader home improvement company, we are located in Milford, MA and have the pleasure to serve Waltham, Newton, Dedham, and Milton areas in Massachusetts. With 15 years of experience in the industry, our company is committed to providing affordable and professional home improvement services to commercial and residential properties. We proudly offer a wide range of home improvement services such as roof, siding, gutter, and patio doors installation, we also provide custom doors and window installation and replacement services or if you’re in need of snow removal services our experts are ready to help, contacts us now.

  • Patio Door Installation & Replacement
  • Snow Removal Services
  • Rubber Roof
  • Custom Window Installation & Replacement
  • Leak Repair
  • Interior / Exterior Painting Service

What We Do ?

Services Provided by SPG Home Services INC

Patio Door Installation & Replacement
Are you looking to enhance the appearance of your patio? Patio doors are very beneficial in different aspects, if you want to create a better visual attraction of your patio or enhance the view, patio doors is the best choice for this purpose, they harmonize the most fashionable home or business styles. There are other benefits associated with patio doors, you will also get energy efficiency with patio doors, the glass that comes in the doors has an exceptional covering that replicates the heat and injurious rays, maintaining your home chilly throughout hot days and warm during winter. Patio doors also increase security and protection of your belongings and loved ones, they come with a safety lock in order to provide the best possible protection. SPG Home Services INC offers patio door installation and replacement, so whenever you need patio door services for home or business, we are ready to help.

SPG Home Services
SPG Home Services

Snow Removal Services
In need of snow removal services? SPG Home Services INC is your snow removal solution, we count on a highly skilled and prepared team that is ready to provide full snow removal services, whether is for commercial or residential properties. If you want to improve the efficiency of your business site during wintertime, efficient snow removal services are essential.
Custom Window Installation & Replacement
Windows in houses and business are important for energy saving costs and also for increasing the value of your property. Windows properly installed are essential for security, aesthetics, weather protection and energy efficiency. SPG Home Services INC can create and install customized windows for your home or business that will accurately suit your needs, or if your current property’s windows are damaged we can replace them for new ones. We use high-quality window materials, so you can be assured that your new windows will last for years to come.
Leak Repair
SPG Home Services INC provides leak repair services for homeowners and business owners looking for a prompt and reliable solution for their leaking problems. If you have detected a water leak in your home or business, we’re the professionals to call, we will repair the damage as soon as possible in order to avoid bigger damages in your property and expensive water bills. We get the job done with the highest quality from experienced and skilled professionals, call us now at (976) 606-4077.



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